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Welcome to my personal web site. I am presently unemployed, having recently left a small hedge fund. I have a PhD earned in the embedded, real-time and operating systems group at NICTA, where my focus was power-aware operating systems and practical dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for high-end battery-constrained embedded systems. I was also involved with the UNSW Solar Racing Team for many years, being responsible for all electrical and some mechanical aspects of the Sunswift 3 design, as well as one of the mainstays of the highly successful Sunswift IV project (presently the Guiness record holder for the world’s fastest solar car). I’m a generalist, with interests in software and hardware, as well as some aspects of mechanical engineering.

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  1. Zomojo

Past works


  1. PhD

  2. Scandal - a portable, simple, CAN higher level protocol

  3. Fourth year thesis - Hardware and Software Infrastructure for the Optimisation of Power Transfer in Sunswift II

  4. Advanced Functional Programming - Applications FP to Control Systems

  5. Sunswift - UNSW Solar powered car

  6. Portable Linux Embedded Box (PLEB) version 2

  7. iBox

  8. ERTOS Software


  1. Intel (Working in the Corporate Technology Group)

  2. OK Labs (Through their close association with NICTA)


  1. Marwood Hill Gardens


  1. Julie for Mac OS X - source | application

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